Itch’n to Stitch

Our Purpose

WE STITCH – it is what we do.

We stitch for warmth and comfort.

We stitch to celebrate.

We stitch to grieve.

We stitch to protest and in support.

We stitch for friends, for family and for strangers we will never know.

Like the ancient pyramids, the power of our craft rises from a firm base of friendship and community to an apex of strength that will stand the    test of time.

Since September 2016, we have been able to make 50 baby quilts that were delivered to Haiti.  Children’s Mercy has benefited from 152 baby hats, 15 blankets, 170 children’s bags and 2 pairs of mittens.  21 new babies in our church have been given baby blankets and 8 Veterans have received Quilts of Honor.  We look forward to another year of new opportunities!
We meet the 3rd Tuesday of each month in Fellowship Hall at 5:30.  If you like to sew and/or quilt, come join us!
Some of our recent projects: