Adult Bible Studies

Whether it’s recharging and renewing at our self-serve Filling Station during the week, or sharing a meal at The Gathering most Wednesday nights during the school year, Leavenworth FUMC provides numerous opportunities for adults to study and fellowship.  In addition to Sunday morning bible studies, there are mid-week studies and other small groups.

To register for a mid-week bible study, contact Nancy Shade at  or (913) 682-5374

Long-Term Bible Study:
Facilitator:  Rita Wood
Meeting Time:  Tuesday 12:30-2:00pm
The Great Courses: The Old Testament. This is an in-depth look at stories in the Book of Genesis. A look at the effect of folklore on the Bible and vice-versa. A grasp of the origin, meaning and interpretation of the laws and warnings of the Old Testament.

Short-Term Bible Study:

Fall 2017 – “Numbers”, by Melissa Spoelstra    START DATE:  Wednesday, September 6 or Thursday, September 7

Imagine being on the verge of realizing all your dreams, but all you can focus on is how long it took to get where you are. It’s hard to relate to the story in the Book of Numbers about a group of people who wandered in the desert for forty years, unable to enter the Promised Land because of their grumbling and complaining…until we take a closer look at ourselves. In this six-week women’s Bible study, you’ll learn how God can fill the ache inside of you and help you focus on faith in the midst of life’s joys and pains.

Heart & Soul (Women’s Bible Study)

Heart and Soul

Facilitator:  Nancy Shade, Director of Christian Education

Strengthen your physical body and your faith with a combination of exercise and Bible study.   There are two groups, one that meets on Wednesday mornings 8:45-11:45am and one that meets on Thursday evenings from 6:30-9:00pm.

Recent studies have been:  “Namesake” by Jessica LaGrone, “Broken and Blessed” by Jessica LaGrone, and “1 Corinthians” by Melissa Spoelstra.



To register: Contact Nancy Shade or (913) 682-5374.

Child care is available upon request.
A Mother’s Heart (Bible Study for Mothers)A Mother's Heart
Facilitators: Marsha Gaffin, Jan Glick and Marti Crow
Meeting Time:  Every other Tuesday , 9:00-11:00am beginning September 12th
Upcoming dates:  We will resume in September 12,2017.
If you are a mother, this class is for you!  New mothers, expectant mothers and mothers of young children will benefit by being with older, more experience moms.  Older mothers and grandmothers have a wealth of knowledge and experience that help them serve as mentors.  Mothers of grade school and high school children can discuss their unique challenges with their peers and get a biblical perspective on raising godly children.
Sample topics include:  coping with stress, teaching your children to pray, creating balance, and feeling overwhelmed
FREE child care provided on site!